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Illinois State requires eye exams for incoming kindergarten children. Are you worried that your child is too young to be tested? It is no longer mandatory that they know their alphabet letters to be tested, nor will they need to be able to verbalize whether option #1 or #2 is better. Special techniques allows vision testing to work for nearly everyone. You and your child will have a pleasant experience.

In addition to her doctorate degree in optometry, Dr. Weisz has a master’s degree in educational psychology.  She also received a Certificate in Pediatric Optometry from Illinois College of Optometry.

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  • Headaches

  • Avoidance of reading

  • Deterioration of performance

  • Word confusion

  • Underachievement

Visual disturbances can contribute to

Do they struggle with reading? Your child's examination will assess not only evaluation of distance vision, but also of the important functional visual skills necessary for reading. These include skills of near-point focusing, binocular teamwork of the two eyes ("muscle balance"), and eye movement control or visual tracking.

Comprehensive school-age vision testing

Children often can't tell you when they can't see properly

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A good eye examination for children is essential to be sure each eye is seeing well at distance and near and without undue eyestrain